Raising Rubies

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I had a moment. I think a pretty monumental moment....if I say so myself. It's hard to explain I can't capture it exactly in words but it's the moment you know you're supposed to be doing something other than what your currently doing....something like that. Let me explain.

I had a moment when my passion surfaced to the top of the things that had suppressed it for so very long. Like an anchor was removed and the creative blooped to the surface of my reality and it became real and tangible and it fit. Yup, it's weird almost   silly dumb amazing. Yeah amazing!

I was created to create......I am a created being; made and fashioned by an amazing creator; and I find it exhilarating to create and be creative. It would make sense that the author of the sunrise made me to desire to design and create. Even the birthing mother knows in a glimpse that we are created being partaking in creating. I say that tiptoeing because I know God is creator in all sense of the word but in a little way we are used to be part of that. When a mother gives birth to a beautiful baby she just partakes if not a little in creating. I get it why the artist draws and the dancer dances and why I love to express myself in the arts or to refinish, design and paint furniture. Why I love to envision a piece in my mind...draw it out and then create and relish in the finished product.

What does a finished product do to me? Something in me comes alive when I see the finished product I see my creation completed. I can stand back and stare at the finished product and take in that I had part in its beauty. I chuckle a bit because God sees us that way and He relishes in the workmanship He has created. I'm almost positive He gets pure enjoyment when we get a glimpse that we are created in His likeness when His children have eureka moments like these. Revelation moments. Created beings creating?

The other moment happened when I stumbled on a blog. A blog.....and all I could do was cry as I read it and clicked through it. It was a glimpse of all things lovely as I scrolled and moved about through the blog.  It was a glimpse of beauty, vintage and girly in one place. I cried for a couple of reasons first and foremost because it was beautiful and because I was an emotional mess already and because I'm a girl.....any who I cried! Even the name brought tears to my eyes. Raising Up Rubies. This thought of this blogger mom making things lovely and beautiful and in it all glorifying God and raising her little girls to be see that they are worth far more than rubies. Her work was inspiring and her life was inspiring.

The blog made my hairs stand on high I know it doesn't make sense to some of you. If you have never had a similar moment I can't explain it; but that blog opened up something in me. Maybe a denial was crushed; maybe a vision was cast; creativity stirred; whatever the case an inspiration happened inside of me. I don't know but it was a pretty monumental moment in my small world. Unless I start to sound like some mad woman.... I do hope some can relate.......or pity me, either way some emotion would be nice.

However there is so much more to just creating for me the beauty to my creativity is it can accomplish so much more than furniture decoration in someones home. Yes, I long for my pieces to beautify the corridors and hallways of people's sanctuary but also for my creativity to accomplish greater things. The furniture is a gateway an entry to meet needs to feed the poor and to monetarily advance the things that are on the heart of God. When I first started Aniah's window it was so I could give more generously towards the things that are important to God and so then important to me. James 1:27 says pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

You see I can use what I love to fund what God loves and God loves the orphan and the oppressed and the needy. His heart beats to see philanthropy rise up in the heart of His people. Every piece of furniture I sell a portion goes towards those in need. When God first impressed this on my heart He wanted my yes even when the task seems larger than I could possibly accomplish on my own because ultimately we can't accomplish it without God. So yes Aniah's window started as a dream in my heart with a crushing task but I step into that reality one step of obedience at a time. So far I've been able to fund needs in Africa with the little bit of furniture, homemade items and windows I've sold and it is rewarding in so many aspects. I anticipate that I will be able to give even more in the years to come, if God so allows.

So when I stumbled into the blog raising rubies it was no coincidence but a spurring on from God to keep going; to keep creating and to keep bringing God glory through my tiny sacrifices. Needless to say I'm glad I stumbled on some rubies.

Check her out and show her love y'all

Raising Up Rubies


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