Updating A Narrow Outdated Hallway

Our hallway is very narrow but I still wanted it to look bright and pretty, so we decided to give it a small budget friendly refresh and update.
We needed a new light fixture and doors. Both the light fixture and doors were old and outdated. This is the before pictures.
The first thing we did was paint the ceiling and trims, then we added this flush mount ceiling light that we purchased at wayfair.  We also bought new doors at Lowe's to replace the old ones and we found these cool black doorknobs at wayfair as well. These little changes immediately made the hallway look crisp, clean and fresh. 
I started a collection of antique and vintage mirrors which are now beautifully displayed on the walls. Eventually I would like the entire wall covered with mirrors but for now this will do.  
Little by little we are filling our home with beautiful things and making our space lovely. The updated hallway flows nicely from our dining room. 

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