The Yellow Mission Desk

It's been a while since I posted, we are in the process of moving into our new home and with that comes the craziness of getting situated. I have some exciting posts coming up, so stay tuned. 
Anyways I found pictures of a desk I did about a year ago and thought I should post this one.

This was an oversized mission desk I found at a little thrift shop in Chicago. It was in the corner of the basement covered with miscellaneous items. I spotted the legs and wondered what it was.

I pulled it out and this beautiful mission desk was just waiting for me to take home.
Here are the before and after photos. I know the desk was perfectly fine as is but I sanded it down and covered the top with a Jacobean miniwax and it needed some color. God knows I love color.

I painted it with an old fashioned milk paint in a Marigold color and it chipped as it pleased.
As some of us know Milk Paint has a mind of its own.

I then just went along with the natural chipping and sanded it down lightly, I coated it with a dark wax and viola.

This desk is sitting in a friend's office showing off her beauty.

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