Are you a thrifter?

Are you a thrifter? No, for real.... Were you thrifting before it was cool to thrift?

If you drive by a thrift store and are suddenly compelled to go in.

If on your drive to work you make a thrift store pit stop because your route was planned out that way.
If you know $20 dollars can get you a whole bag full of clothes, shoes & accessories.

Are you a thrifter?

Chicago Bears inspired chalkboard

A co-worker asked if I could customize a chalkboard for a friend of her's who happened to be married to one of the players from the Chicago Bears... specifically customized for their kids. 

Looking for inspiration I took to the stores, Hobby Lobby of course. Strolling down the frame aisle, I fell head-over-heels in love with a barnyard wood picture frame.

That barnyard picture frame became my muse for my Bears inspired chalkboard. 


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