DIY Whitewashed Scalloped Farm Style Bench

Recently we completely remodeled our bedroom . My husband built our bed and I wanted a pretty scalloped bench at the end of our bed. So my hubby designed and built a bench and I painted it.

We have limited space at the end of our bed so I knew we needed a narrow bench but length size it needed to be just short of a queen size footboard. 

The beauty of building your own bench is you get to play with the dimensions. 

We bought a slab of maple at a local flea market. 
Here is my husband sawing the slab of maple to get it to fit in our car. 
The design for the bench was drawn out with specific dimensions to fit our need. 

I like the look of the primitive farmhouse benches but I also love the Bohemian looking scalloped bench, so I had my husband combine the best of both.
He created the scallops by using a FastCap AccuSribe Pro Compass.
He then cut out the scallops with his bandsaw.
He rounded out the edges with a trim router attached with a round over bit. 
Pocket-holes were created with a Kreg Jig
I love the Kreg Jig its a wonderful tool that makes assembling furniture easy. 
After sanding the bench for prep the legs were then attached to the top and bottom shelves with screws.
                                       Here is a picture of the finished bare wood bench

                                     First I stained the bench a honey stain by minwax.
                                                          Minwax Color Stain Guide

                    Then I coated the bench with Miss Mustard Seed Paint in a Linen color.

      I heavily distressed the paint off with sandpaper and a palmsander until I got this look.

I then sealed the bench with Hemp Oil to give it an old, worn and aged look. 
                                                Here it is at the foot our bed
                         You can see the details in the grain of the maple wood.

Attached is our tutorial video in two parts. Make sure to watch them, like and then subscribe to our new YouTube HeBuilds.ShePaints

Part 1-HeBuilds -Scalloped Bench

Part 2-ShePaints-Whitewashed Scalloped Bench



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  2. This bench is so well thought out and put together, and turned out beautifully! Thank you for making this video and sharing it.


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