HOPE Hallway

I love that the first thing that you see when you walk into our home is the word HOPE. I like to call it my HOPE hallway.
My desire is that when people enter our home that the word hope would speak volumes to them. 


My New Obsession: Scandinavian Interior Design

When I think Scandinavian design, if your like me, you automatically think... fill in the blank, its a four letter word, starts with an I. Ok fine I'll tell you, you think IKEA. Right? Maybe its just me but Ikea made it popular to newbies such as myself. Ikea was my intro into this new world, plus we were a young family looking to fill our apartment up with some furniture and the prices were great and still are. However, the more I looked into Scandinavian design the more I fell in love with its concept of clean lines, pale colors and natural fabrics. These natural materials and lighter background colors with an occasional surprising burst of color found its origins in places like Norway, Denmark and Iceland. These regions had long winters and shorter days so they decorated with lighter, brighter and cleaner design. Hey I understand, I'm from Chicago where winters are brutal and long and the last thing you want to come home to is a dark and gloomy house.


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