I want nesting tables

"I want nesting tables,"is all I said and now these pretty things are adorning my living room.

I bought some nesting tables years ago at Marshalls and after many years they had taken a pretty bad beating. I've attempted to staple down the leather coming lose to save some money; I've tried turning them so no one would see the hanging material and tucking them into a corner. However, after a while well its just time to say goodbye to the old nesting tables.

I really desired new ones and it just so happens my husband has recently taken up a new hobby of carpentry. He has gotten really good with a saw and nail gun if I may say so myself. So when I harped "I want some nesting tables,"he was immediately pulling up plans to build me some. 

We found plans on Anna White's blog for these nesting tables and built these sturdy beauties. The plans can be found on the link below.

My husband had recently picked up old barnyard wood from a 70 year old barn. So their was plenty of wood for the picking.  He took to his work station and two days later.... well I was a happy lady. 

An Ebony stain was applied to the finished product and painted with a new milk paint I found at a little shop in Lake Geneva. What I have found with my experience of milk paint is that milk paint does what it wants and crackles where it pleases, so I let it do its thing. I then heavily distressed them and finished them off with a dark wax and clear wax.

They now sit in a corner behind my couch. I absolutely love them and they are so much more breath taking in person. Who knew all I had to say is "I want nesting tables," what shall I ask for next?

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