Restoration hardware dining table knock off

We recently moved into a new house and after renovating our dining room we needed the perfect dining table.

After looking around for a dining room table and seeing the price tags attached to them we decided to build our own. 

We were able to design our table the way we wanted it and for a fraction of the cost.

I fell in love with this restoration hardware table but I didn't fall in love with the price.

{Price tag: $2995}

My husband and I designed our own dining table. We used a couple of designs we found online to help us out.  We took ideas from Shanty 2 Chic and DIY Pete's farmhouse table and combined our ideas and came up with this beauty. 

Our table cost us under $300.

The beauty of building your own table is that you get to change the dimensions to fit your room size. 

This is why its hard to follow online plans exactly unless they fit your room dimensions. Most plans are not transferrable to your room size but they give you a good idea where to start and how it all comes together. 

Here are the links to Shanty 2 Chic and DIY Pete's farmhouse tables:

I was inspired by the look of this table I found on Pinterest. So I painted the base of my table white and the top to look like this weathered gray- beach driftwood look. 

Here are some of the steps my husband took when building the dining room table:

Here is the table top joined by pocket holes and wood glue
We sanded the table top and legs in preparation for staining
We stained the table top with a Rustoleum Ebony stain
Here are the legs of the table in the same Ebony stain
In order to create the weathered look you have to layer with stains. 
We covered the Ebony with a weathered gray 
Rustoleum and wiped it off after a few minutes to get this look.

We thought it looked too gray so we 
added a whitewash stain and another coat of  Ebony. 
Then finished it off with a satin varnish. 
We painted the legs with a white chalk paint and 
heavily distressed it by sanding it down.
We then sealed it with a clear furniture wax. 
My husband is sanding the center rail of the base of the table
Once each piece was finished we assembled it in our dining room. 
Here are the finished legs.
We then attached the base rail to connect the legs
We attached the table top with L brackets

Here is the finished table with chairs
Let's just say, I'm smitten!

             Here is a picture of the updated Living Room.

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  1. id like you to build me a table...

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