Tall boy dresser - Wedding Blessing

My son had been dating his girlfriend a couple years when she dared to ask me for it. Yeah she asked for a tall boy dresser I had sitting in my basement waiting to be painted and restored. Cynthia my son's then girlfriend asked me, "If I marry Julian one day, can that be our wedding gift?" I know what your thinking, "What? (insert mouth open) The audacity of her?" However, I have always admired her for her daring and forward approach. It has gotten her in some trouble but nonetheless I thought this girl is audacious, I like that about her. My son is a bit of an introvert and has a passive personality and she is spunky and outspoken, they compliment each other well.  I laughed off her request for months but she was quite persistent. I finally said jokingly, "OK, you can have it if you promise me at least two grandbabies." The joke stuck, the tall boy dresser has been my bartering tool for grandchildren or perhaps a dowry of sorts. (I'm kidding people).


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