My pretty yellow buffet

So I'm excited on the reveal of my pretty yellow buffet. Trust me it's been long in coming. A wonderful friend of mine was at a garage sale and saw this beauty of a dresser and called me immediately and said "you need to come over here and get this beauty". Needless to say she didn't need to tell me twice , guess who was there in a heartbeat yup this girl!

Honestly, I bought the dresser because it was only $30. I would hate to lie and say I envisioned what I was going to do with it. That's not how it happened, to be further honest it sat in my garage for about a month and then I thought 'out of sight out of mind'. Then I brought it in the house where it gathered dust for another 3-4 months. In fact my daughter took the liberty to make it a doll house and toy chest. What can I say I'm a bit of a procrastinator. I finally gave myself a deadline 'this needs to be done before the New Year'.  Then one day the creative juices were rolling and I said to myself I'm rolling up my sleeve and doing this.

I knew that this one would not be for sale. This beauty was going to array my dining room with it's delicate lines and details. It was that missing piece to add some 'umpff' to my dining room.

My wonderful husband did the grut work and sanded it down and covered the top with mahogany stain minwax. I painted it a beautiful Annie Sloan Arles (it's yellow people) and began distressing it lightly but it felt like it needed some heavy handed sanding and the results are wonderful.

Here she goes in all her glory. Isn't it wonderful I can stare at it over and over.

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