Solution for a Mudroom(less) Home

We live in the country and I don't have a mudroom. Need I say more? 
Let's just say I am a clueless city girl. I used to think mudrooms were a cute option in a home but they weren't a necessity. Mudrooms were charming little spaces for coats, book bags and shoes. I never thought you actually may need one. Well since our move from the city to a rural area, I now know you can't live without one. 

Too dramatic? Maybe a tad. I needed to find a solution to my mudroom(less) home. 
Rainy mornings, snowy days and freshly cut lawns are a pain in the neck for a neat freak.
I quickly realized that the country life comes with slushy tracks, mud shaped paw prints, and the accumulation of compiled mud in the crevices of the sole of shoes, leaving mud confetti all over the floors. Mud, mud, mud! 

Our first week of rain brought with it the reality that country living was not going to be easy for a "cleany" like me. The tracks from the dogs, the kids and lets not forget the hubby (the biggest culprit of them all). I mean I don't ever trail mud, I don't know how I don't track mud all over the house? Maybe its because I actually wipe my feet at the door. But I digress, I'll get off my shoe tray soapbox now. 

With my muddy woes also came a plan. Where do I find a space in our small home for a mock mudroom. Here is what we came up with, a hall tree on steroids. I'm kidding. Seriously though, we needed a piece of furniture that was aesthetically pretty, because it was the first thing you would see when you walked into our house. However, it also had to provide storage, a seating space and a place for shoes. Too much to ask for? Nope!

So of course we built our own! Duh! My amazing "mud-tracking" hubby who is also a craftsmen took the plans I drew up and made magic. 

I guess those sawdust sprinkles he leaves behind at the door is magical fairy-dust after all. 
The hall tree had to be tall enough to fit boots and a boot tray underneath it.
     Amaro Pillow Set: Woven Nook
     Down Pillow Inserts: Ikea 
     Orange Lumbar Pillow: Target

The hall tree had to have seating with storage. This bench conveniently flips up with plenty of storage space inside.  
     Faux Plants: TJ Maxx
     Hooks: Local Store - Simply Primitive
     Word Blocks: Gift

We added metal black hooks and a ledge on the top of the hall tree for décor. I found these faux plants and displayed these word blocks I received as a gift years ago. 
We measured the space between the two awkwardly placed thermostat covers on our wall. If it wasn't for those wretched covers, trust me the hall tree would have been bigger. It's the perfect size for this wall, it left an empty space for some wall décor. I'll show pictures of what I put in another post.
Every time we opened the door there was this awkward green door. I mean some may like the color but it just didn't go with our house or our décor and the years had left scuffmarks and scratches all over it. 
     Black Spray Paint: Menards
     Paint Color on Halltree : Magnolia - Paint Color Weekend

So I spray painted the exterior of the door black with spray paint from my favorite store Menards
My rebate game is on point, I wave them at the cashiers like money. If you don't know about Menards rebates you are missing out. 

Here is a picture of the finished product and let's just say my muddy woes are now behind me. Those were dark days for this city slicker turned country girl. 

How do you like it? 

Happy tracking or not! Cause you can simply wipe your feet on the mat outside that's what its there for. Sorry, all this mud is getting to me.  😉😉

Comment below with your own muddy woes or mudroom (less) solutions.

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