German Hand Carved Wooden Carousel Horse

This summer we went to an outdoor antique market and I found some nice pieces. I loaded the back of my truck up with some trinkets and goodies. Among my findings was a handsome hand carved german vintage carousel horse. 
I wanted to restore the horse to its original beauty, so I cleaned it up with Murphy's Oil Soap to remove the layers of dirt on the wood. The wood horse had a metal pole attached to it that was originally mounted to something but caused the horse to keep toppling over.
 I wanted to create a base for it so that it could be stand upright.  
I measured the bottom of the horse so that I knew what size to make the base.
 My husband found this chunky reclaimed piece of wood in the garage that had saw marks.
He cut the piece of wood in half and glued them together.
He sanded it down just enough to give it a smooth surface but not too much that it removed those bold saw marks that would give the base character. 
I sealed the base with a polyurethane by Minwax.
I sealed the horse with a hemp oil by Miss Mustard Seed to give it a new luster and so that every color was rich and vibrant again. 
My husband screwed the horse into the base 
               I displayed it on my buffet in my living room, it matched perfectly. 

Click on our YouTube video above to see the video version of the carousel horse restore.


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