Rustic Boys Bedroom - Part 1 - The vision

We recently renovated and decorated my sons’ bedroom. My boys are 19 and
17 years old so I wanted a more masculine and mature look for their room.
The design started as a sketch on paper and a vision in my head of what could be.

My husband and I found and installed these beautiful pecan colored laminated floors from Home Depot.



I found this 'before' picture online. It's a picture from the realtors that sold us our home.
I really need to get better at taking before shots.
We purchased our English Tutor home about two years ago and the rooms didn't have lighting, with the exception of the kitchen and bathrooms. We installed some lighting in their room and to save money we did it ourselves.


Here is a picture of the room after the floors and lighting were installed.
Check out part 2 of the Rustic Boys Bedroom here:
Part 2: Rustic Boys Bedroom - Lamp-spiration

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