Boy's Room Refresh

Our sons room is tiny, when we bought the house it was like a walk in closet that is how small the space is. So how do I fit 2 young men in the room? You maximize the space. First let me explain that one of my sons is a sophomore in college and lives on campus in Chicago, so for the most part he is only here during his breaks and vacations. So the room is occupied for the most part by one person.
When we left Chicago to move to the town of Bloomington, Indiana we wanted more land and a small living space. We downsized our square footage so we knew that the rooms were really small. The great thing about living in a smaller house is that I actually see my kids now when they are home. When we had two floors and over 1800 square feet of space, I hardly saw them because they lived in their rooms and only came out to eat and when guest were visiting. So I love that we live in this small space now because we are forced to actually spend time with one another. We spend most of our time in the main spaces of our home, the living room and the kitchen.

When I painted the rooms I choose light colors because that makes a room look bigger. Their room was so small that it only needed a quick refresh. I used the decor from their old rooms which is cost effected and only needed to update the floors and add shelves.

The first thing we did was remove the old smelly carpet and added laminate flooring. The flooring was purchased at Menards. The price we paid for the flooring was so cheap I bought enough for all three bedrooms in our home.
We put in new base boards and bead boarding and painted them white. Paint and new floors has the ability to make any space look amazing.

Here is what it looked like before we updated it.
Before: the old carpeting and old base moldings
Before: The bedroom was cluttered and the old ceiling fan was outdated and needed to be replaced
Once we replaced the floors we removed some of the furniture that was cluttering the room and put in a new ceiling fan that we purchased at Lowes.
 We added these shelves to spruce up the walls. When there is a lack of space shelves work nicely for books and trinkets.
Pillows: H&M HOME
Ribbed mustard blanket: Target
Stripped gray and white duvet and pillow: IKEA
Industrial Shelves with Piping: Aniah's Window &; He Builds She Paints
Vintage Airplane artwork: He Builds She Paints
Checkered Navy Blue Throw Blanket: Target
Ceiling Fan: Lowes
Hektar Black Floor Lamp: IKEA
Curtains: Marshalls
Round Mirrors: Target
Malm 6 Drawer Dresser: IKEA
Bamboo Shades: Menards
We will eventually change the doors on the closet to mimic the one in my daughters room but this was a quick refresh. We didn't spend much money because we already had most of the decor from our old house.  Pretty good for a quick update. 
To see the boys previous room update click here: Rustic Boys Bedroom Update

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