Are you a thrifter?

Are you a thrifter? No, for real.... Were you thrifting before it was cool to thrift?

If you drive by a thrift store and are suddenly compelled to go in.

If on your drive to work you make a thrift store pit stop because your route was planned out that way.
If you know $20 dollars can get you a whole bag full of clothes, shoes & accessories.

Are you a thrifter?

You know how to pick out fabrics and colors just by scanning the racks.
You buy things you have no idea what you'll do with but you'll figure it out.

Oversized dress? No problem... Stains? I can wash them...

You know how to carefully remove the tags they stapled on (why do they do that?).

Do you know when the shipments come in? Do you know that Mondays are half off?

Do  you know what the yellow, pink and cream tags represent?

Do you carry hand sanitizer, leggings and undershirts when you go shopping? You know why. I don't even need to tell you why.

Yeah, you're a thrifter!

You my friend will appreciate this video as much as I did. From one thrifter to another.  ENJOY!

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