My New Obsession: Scandinavian Interior Design

When I think Scandinavian design, if your like me, you automatically think... fill in the blank, its a four letter word, starts with an I. Ok fine I'll tell you, you think IKEA. Right? Maybe its just me but Ikea made it popular to newbies such as myself. Ikea was my intro into this new world, plus we were a young family looking to fill our apartment up with some furniture and the prices were great and still are. However, the more I looked into Scandinavian design the more I fell in love with its concept of clean lines, pale colors and natural fabrics. These natural materials and lighter background colors with an occasional surprising burst of color found its origins in places like Norway, Denmark and Iceland. These regions had long winters and shorter days so they decorated with lighter, brighter and cleaner design. Hey I understand, I'm from Chicago where winters are brutal and long and the last thing you want to come home to is a dark and gloomy house.

Rustic Boys Bedroom - Part 4- Hanging hats

My son is obsessed with shoes and hats as a result he has hats everywhere.
So I figured might as well make them a part of the d├ęcor and display them, smart huh?

Rustic Masculine Bedroom - Part 3 - Framed Vintage Airplane & Gallery Wall

I found these really cool 1972 amateur photographer's photos at an estate sale. As soon as I saw them I immediately thought, these would make great wall art for someones home.

The pictures were already professionally matted so I used the sturdiness of the matted picture and just attached these wood pieces to create a frame. To get the cool brown color on the wood my husband used the bernzomatic technique. The bernzo technique is used by burning the wood then sanding and sealing it. Aren't they cool?  

Rustic Boys Bedroom - Part 2 -Lamps-spiration

My husband and I had gone on a mini getaway to South Haven, Michigan where I found these adorable lamps at a small antique shop. I knew right away I wanted them for my sons' room. I knew if I added some Edison bulbs that they wouldn't need shades. These lamps became the inspiration for the rest of the room.

Rustic Boys Bedroom - Part 1 - The vision

We recently renovated and decorated my sons’ bedroom. My boys are 19 and
17 years old so I wanted a more masculine and mature look for their room.
The design started as a sketch on paper and a vision in my head of what could be.

My home office makeover

For months our office was used as storage but I envisioned a space where we could come, rest and be inspired. I needed a spot to house all my books and my husbands antique finds. I thought carefully about maximizing our room space, so we went with a floor to ceiling bookshelf that my husband built. I love the results.

Bookshelf- Built by Aniah's Window (World Market Knock-off)
Ladder- Built by Aniah's Window
Overhang lights- Ikea
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