Updating A Narrow Outdated Hallway

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

Boy's Room Refresh

Our sons room is tiny, when we bought the house it was like a walk in closet that is how small the space is. So how do I fit 2 young men in the room? You maximize the space. First let me explain that one of my sons is a sophomore in college and lives on campus in Chicago, so for the most part he is only here during his breaks and vacations. So the room is occupied for the most part by one person.

BOHO Bedroom: Bohemian Inspired Teenage Bedroom

We recently moved to Bloomington, Indiana from Chicago. We downsized substantially, so our new home is smaller. My husband and I were almost finished remodeling our home in Chicago when we felt led to downsize and move. We made this drastic move for many reasons, one of them was for me to have more time to blog and write. 

German Hand Carved Wooden Carousel Horse

Upcycled Corbel Wall Shelf

DIY Whitewashed Scalloped Farm Style Bench

Recently we completely remodeled our bedroom . My husband built our bed and I wanted a pretty scalloped bench at the end of our bed. So my hubby designed and built a bench and I painted it.

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Updating A Narrow Outdated Hallway

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